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April 2018

It’s Gonna Be May

April 30, 2018

It's Gonna Be May


If there’s one clothing piece I reach for the most, it’s hands down my Levi’s jeans. Even though my love for them will go on, I can’t wait until I won’t have to wear them… Swapping them out for a pair of shorts sounds so right. I talked about transitioning outfits from winter to spring in a previous post, and this outfit met all the key points. A denim jacket over this breezy wrap top was all I needed for a layering piece. Imagine that, right? Plus, I wore a pair of western style boots and the buckles on these are everything. This weekend was absolutely beautiful and it was amazing to finally get a taste of summer. It’s nice to know that I’ll be able to bring out my shorts sooner rather than later. As for now, this outfit was ideal for running around downtown and getting acai bowls with friends.

IT’S GONNA BE MAY. This will never get old, thank you NSYNC for being you.

xx Ashley

Winter to Spring Style Transition

April 25, 2018

Winter to Spring Style Transition

Take note babes! It’s time to transition your outfits from the too-long-of-a-winter into spring! Thank god we won’t be living in our parkas forever. I’m so happy spring finally decided to show up because *now’s* the time to start wearing the cute spring clothes you’ve been dying to wear. Needless to say, it’s been long overdue. Although, the weather is still pretty unpredictable during this time of year…so it’s helpful to know a few tips on transitioning your outfits the best way.


Pretty White Tops You’ll Love

April 24, 2018

Pretty White Tops You'll Love

I feel like the thought of wearing anything white can bring on some *minor* anxiety and usually results in opting for a color that’s less stressful to wear. At the same time, white pieces for the spring and summer are such a chic choice… These white tops have beautiful, simplistic detailing that can elevate your look by 100%. In my opinion, they’re totally worth the extra caution. These pioneer-inspired, corset blouses have me swooning. Once you see them, I’m sure you’ll change your mind too. They’re too hard to resist! Check out these pretty white tops below:


My Skincare Routine 2018

April 18, 2018

My Skincare Routine 2018

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I’m talking more on skin and the skincare routine I’ve found that works for me. If you haven’t read my Introduction to Skincare blogpost, go check it out first to get a better understanding of why it’s SO important to invest in your skin – no matter how good or bad your skin is.


Cute Rompers to Wear this Summer

April 17, 2018


Rompers for spring and summer? Need I say more? There’s no need to explain further – but I will. Rompers are one of those absolute staples for all the right reasons.