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January 2019

The Value of Personal Style

January 6, 2019
The Value of Personal Style

“As viewers, we bear no witness to outfit experimentation…because everyone today is hell-bent on the final product. And that product, of course, is increasingly the same: a rotation of the same buzzy brands on a similar canvas, one with no-makeup makeup and an enviable case of “bedhead” that really takes hours to come to life.”
– The Death of Personal Style ,

I recently read an article on, “The Death of Personal Style” that had ideas written in words I was only pondering – until now. For many reasons, this article evoked a reflection and discussion I felt necessary to write here on the blog. Entering into 2019, now more than ever are the world and its industries constantly evolving – including the fashion industry. Primary factors, which greatly influence these industries today, were nonexistent even ten years ago. Among these, is the dominating presence of social media. You know the major ones: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Within the fashion industry, social media has incrementally changed the content people are consuming day to day and therefore, has drastically impacted consumer behavior as a whole.