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Winter Boots

January 7, 2018

If you live in the north, you know winters can be harsh. Because of this, it’s best to invest in quality winter gear that won’t fail you in the brutal weather. Winter boots are no exception. Investing in quality winter boots will be a major lifesaver.


Must-Have Winter Outerwear for Men

January 4, 2018


When it comes to winter outfits, obviously the first priority is to dress for weather conditions. For bracing negative temperatures or trucking in the snow, a quality jacket is a must. At the same time, this doesn’t mean the style of your outwear should be sacrificed. Really, a jacket is the statement piece of your outfit – you want it to still look good. No matter if you’re dressing casual or formal, a jacket can really make your outfit sleek and put together.

Here I have 5 different jacket styles that are must-haves for winter. These jackets can be tailored to anyone’s personal style and are great to throw on over any basic outfit. Depending on how cold it is, you can even layer two different jackets for extra warmth and give your outfit more dimension.


1. Overcoat: An overcoat is a long coat, usually made of wool, that hits at the knee and is specifically for the winter months. This sleek coat is perfect over any formal outfit, whether for work or a formal event.

2. Puffer Jacket: A puffer jacket is a lighter jacket that’s great paired with any casual outfit – giving your outfit a cool, relaxed look.


Menswear | Winter Outfit Ideas

December 4, 2017

Menswear | Winter Outfit Ideas

Ralph Lauren

I’m introducing a new category to the blog: men’s fashion. I’ve been wanting to cover menswear for some time now, so here it is – and I couldn’t be more excited. When you think of true “fashion”, it’s far from the exclusion of just women’s clothing. Fashion is derived from an array of art, culture, and inspiration for all genders – it’s more inclusive than you might realize. There are a ton of incredible designers out there that focus on menswear who create just as beautiful, high-fashion clothing as one who focuses on womenswear.