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Pretty White Tops You’ll Love

April 24, 2018

Pretty White Tops You'll Love

I feel like the thought of wearing anything white can bring on some *minor* anxiety and usually results in opting for a color that’s less stressful to wear. At the same time, white pieces for the spring and summer are such a chic choice… These white tops have beautiful, simplistic detailing that can elevate your look by 100%. In my opinion, they’re totally worth the extra caution. These pioneer-inspired, corset blouses have me swooning. Once you see them, I’m sure you’ll change your mind too. They’re too hard to resist! Check out these pretty white tops below:


Cute Rompers to Wear this Summer

April 17, 2018


Rompers for spring and summer? Need I say more? There’s no need to explain further – but I will. Rompers are one of those absolute staples for all the right reasons.


Three Shoes You’ll Wear all Springtime Long

April 11, 2018

Collage Vintage

There’s one thing I’m sure of: it’s time to transition your shoes from winter to spring. Your winter coat? That’s still questionable. Even though the weather isn’t that promising, it’s safe to say that you can start wearing your favorite spring shoes – at least closed-toe shoes.


Spring Coats to Get You Through the Season

April 6, 2018

Spring Coats to Get You Through the Season



Happy Friday friends! We’ve made it through yet another week of hustling. Even though I’m not blessed to have a spring break anymore (#adulthood), I was fully living through everyone’s social media feeds while on their tropical vacations. Ugh, that 85 degrees sure sounds nice right about now. If you’re still lucky enough to have a spring break, I hope you all had a blast!


5 Reasons Why I Love My High-Waisted Jeans

March 14, 2018

5 Reasons I Love My High-Waisted Jeans

Finding the perfect style of jeans can be described like a love story: it can take forever to find the right one and you might get disappointed, but in the end it’s all worth it. Surprise, surprise I’ve found my beloved pair of high-waisted jeans and here’s why I’m obsessed:

1. They’re comfortable. Because of the high-rise silhouette, high-waisted jeans keep everything looking and feeling polished. They fit so snug in the best way and perfectly mold to the curves of your figure. Especially if you find a good quality pair you love, you won’t turn back.

2. They’re flattering. In my opinion, high-waisted jeans are the most flattering style of jeans you could possibly wear. They make your butt look so good and just make everything look tight (get it right get it tight). Comfortable and flattering? I can’t make this up.


The Best Layering Pieces

March 8, 2018

It’s safe to say that layering is usually thought of as a styling trick merely for the colder months. I mean let’s be real, it’s an absolute must in order to survive walking outside of your apartment. But if you think about it, layering is key for really any time of the year. Even on a breezy summer night, you’re going to want to throw on a denim jacket over your cute frilly romper. Layering is one of fashion’s best known secrets to staying comfortable and/or as a fashion statement. It’s so easy to do too as long as you layer the right pieces. Check out my absolute favorites below!


The Best Layering Pieces | Decadence Fashion


BODYSUITS – If you haven’t come to this realization, bodysuits are everything. They’re the easiest thing to throw on and look instantly cute with zero effort. They’re prefect for layering because you can layer it under anything (blouses, camis, tees, jackets) for a sleek and put-together look. No matter if it’s lacy or a long-sleeve turtleneck, you will be able to layer it effortlessly.