My Go-To Winter Style

January 25, 2017

My Go-To Winter Style

I hope everyone had a nice winter break! The weather has been too kind to us this winter. It seems as if Spring is already on it’s way but unfortunately, I do not think it is. Although, I am happy about not having to truck through snow to get to class. Winter boots have not been needed. Check out what my go-to winter style has been for this season!

My Go-To Winter Style


It has been a minute since I posted on Decadence Fashion. I have been away due to the craziness of finals and winter break, but I have used this time to focus on updating and improving the blog. As you can tell, I have completely redesigned the layout of the website – making it more appealing, easier to navigate, and responsive on mobile devices. I have worked hard to make it the best it can be so far, and am eager to continually update it as the blog grows. I hope you like the new design as much as I do!

It has been pretty cold here in Wisconsin, although we have not gotten as much snow as we have had in the past.  My go-to winter style has mostly consisted of thick sweaters and scarves, while always wearing my beloved boots. Lately, there has not been a need to bundle up for snowy weather.

To keep warm, I love wearing a puffy parka. This one from Columbia is one of my favorites because it is lightweight compared to other jackets I have owned. This parka keeps me just as warm without feeling too bulky or oversized. If you live in a colder climate, a down jacket is a staple for the winter months. I definitely recommend investing in a good quality one; you will wear it all the time. Walking to class or having fun in the snow, this jacket is practical and will keep you as warm as you need.

Instead of having to trudge through a foot of snow in winter boots, I have been rocking my go-to mid calf boots. If there were slush and snow on the ground, I would opt for shoes that are more durable, such as winter boots or combat boots. With these mid calf boots, I like to wear thick socks to keep my feet warm.

Underneath, I like to layer thick sweaters to keep extra cozy. My favorite has been this chunky, cable knit sweater. I love the white color because it reminds me of snow and the winter months – perfect for this time of year. Cable knit sweaters are cute and stylish, and an overall great go-to to stay warm in the winter.

Finally, I layered on this thick scarf to keep my face and neck nice and snug. The bigger the scarf, the better. You will quickly realize that blanket scarves will be your best friend when having to walk in the freezing cold.

I will be posting more winter outfit inspiration and ideas soon. You will be seeing a lot more from me from here on out 🙂

xx Ashley

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