How to Find the Perfect Jeans

January 31, 2018


No matter what style you love – skinny, straight, high-waisted, boyfriend, etc. it’s no surprise when I say they need to fit correctly. You might have heard this a million times already, but wearing the right size denim is so important. It looks best when they fit your figure perfectly. Life’s too short to wear jeans that are too big or too small. You deserve to wear jeans that make you feel like the boss babe you are! This comes down to investing in your denim.

At this point, you may think, “Well where do I look?” and I know, finding the right pair can be a little daunting (and even sometimes dreaded). But it shouldn’t be! It all starts with knowing your size. A lifesaving tip for you: measure your body measurements. This may seem so simple, but it’s common to continuously play the guessing game of what exact size you are. You won’t have to guess any longer. Measure your waist, hips, and bust with a cloth tape measure and write those down somewhere convenient – in your Notes app, planner, etc. This will help you so much in finding your accurate size – you’ll thank yourself later for doing this.Β Once you know your measurements, finding the right jeans can be a no-brainer. Especially when shopping online, you can use the brand’s size guide to match your measurements to a correlating size they offer.

Once you know your waist size, you can’t forget about the inseam length – these both play a major role in how flattering your jeans look. If you’re taller, look for jeans with a longer inseam than just the regular length. If you’re a shortie like me and are 5’2” or under, make sure to shop in the petite collection.


How to Find the Perfect Jeans

As for brands, I have a few that I’m obsessed with and need to share with you. The obvious one first – Levi’s. Not only do I love their regular collection, but I love their vintage pairs even more *heart eyes*. If you look on their site, it’s no surprise that they offer an array of styles, sizes, and lengths – they might know a thing or two about denim.


How to Find the Perfect Jeans

Topshop also has some bomb denim at an affordable price. These jeans are a cult favorite, and I’ve heard endless things about their high-waisted styles. Even better, they also have an entire petite collection! Pro tip: always go two sizes higher.


How to Find the Perfect Jeans

Another great brand that kills the denim realm is Madewell. They’re all about making sure you have the perfect jeans, with the best quality, while staying relevant and on trend. For this spring season, dark washed denim is in so you’ll for sure find some great pairs here.


How to Find the Perfect Jeans

If you know me, you know my thing for Reformation. Ugh, like where do I begin. I lust over all of their clothing and they recently launched their denim line and YES IT’S AMAZING. These babies are completely worth it if you’re looking for the ultimate pair of comfortable, stylish, and flattering jeans.




Let me know what your favorite jeans are!

xx Ashley

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