How to Find that Thing Called Self-Love

May 1, 2019
How to Find that Thing Called Self-Love

Self-love: the secret to life.

Let’s talk about confidence. Honestly, there’s no set formula or distinct “way” on how to find self-confidence. It takes time and personal experiences. It’s a matter of accepting the individual you are and loving who that is every single day.

How to Find that Thing Called Self-Love

Self-love is the foundation to how you view, react, and navigate the world around you. Being confident and loving yourself gives you the sense of security and self-worth you need in order to know what you deserve. Practicing self-love every day through physical and mental self-care is what will nourish your soul and, therefore, the love you have for yourself.

Here are ways—I’ve found—on how to find self-love and boost your confidence inside and out.


Recognize that everyone is different. Your natural, unique beauty is what makes you beautiful, exciting, and intriguing.
Surround yourself with a circle who is caring, supportive, and undoubtedly, genuinely happy for you. One way or another, you’ll find out who these people are and who are not.
Stand up for yourself without worrying about what others think. Those who force you to stand up for yourself in the first place are the same opinions that don’t matter at all.
Start your morning with a hot cup of water with lemon to gently wake up your system.
Take a moment to breathe each day. Meditating can be life changing even if it’s just for 5 minutes.
Drink at least two liters of water a day.
Take care of your body with nutritious foods that will make you feel your best physically and mentally.


Prioritize movement and exercise into your everyday life.
Get a signature haircut you’re in love with.
Invest in your skin with quality skincare products—products that will actually promote cell turnover. See the skincare products I’m currently in love with.
Invest in quality jeans that fit you like a glove.
Buy that way-too-expensive lip gloss (I’m looking at you Dior lip glow).
Keep your smile the whitest and brightest—I just finished the whitening kit from Smile Brilliant (details below + giveaway).
Whether it’s heels or sneakers, walk the world like it’s your runway.
Keep your chin up and shoulders back, literally.


In the past, I’ve whitened my teeth with whitening strips, but using a whitening gel makes so much more of a difference. In this Smile Brilliant kit I received, it came with the whitening gel in syringes that are easy to use. All I had to do was spread the whitening gel on my customized teeth trays and leave the trays on my teeth for an hour (you can leave them on for up to 3 hours). I whitened my teeth for a few weeks until the gel was gone and noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my teeth.

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Through self-care, that self-love and confidence will radiant through. It’s important to always feel like the best version of yourself to take on the world.

xx Ashley

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