4 Inexpensive Skincare Products that Actually Work

May 12, 2018

4 Inexpensive Skincare Products that Actually Work

You know me and my new obsession for skincare. I will now and forever live by the phrase “skin is in”. My 60-year-old self will definitely be thanking my youthful self for starting early. If you haven’t yet, read my previous blogposts where I introduce the topic of skincare and what I’m currently using to keep my skin in tip-top shape. As essential as it is to invest in your skin, it’s exactly that – an investment; which means it can get a little pricey sometimes to take extra measures…

Good news! Not all quality skincare costs an arm and a leg. I’ve discovered some amazing, inexpensive products that have noticeably benefited my skin – even more compared to other expensive products I’ve gotten from Sephora. I’ve seen a difference in my skin literally overnight after using these. Plus, these inexpensive favorites are all natural and are derived from natural ingredients – no harmful chemicals whatsoever.

I’ve been adamant about replacing a lot of my body and bath products to non-toxic brands. I’ve always known the products I was using were filled with chemicals, but I now just had the realization that all of those harmful chemicals are going directly into my bloodstream…yikes.

I picked up these skincare essentials from my local health food store and, no joke, costed less than $20. Convenient, inexpensive and works wonders – I don’t think it can get better. Check them out below!


Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba Oil – I use these interchangeably as an eye makeup remover and will also mix it in with my moisturizer at night. They’re very gentle and are super hydrating. You’ll wake up in the morning with a dewy glow.

Witch Hazel – This has officially become my holy-grail skincare product. I started using this a few weeks ago and my life has forever changed. It’s perfect as a toner and clears blemishes like a dream. I got the rose petal one and I’m obsessed.

Tea Tree Oil – This works amazing as an acne spot treatment. It’s effective for killing the bacteria on the skin and prevents new blemishes from starting.




What do you think about these natural skincare products?! Interested in trying them? Let me know!

xx Ashley

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