Winter Boots

January 7, 2018

If you live in the north, you know winters can be harsh. Because of this, it’s best to invest in quality winter gear that won’t fail you in the brutal weather. Winter boots are no exception. Investing in quality winter boots will be a major lifesaver.

The North Face has awesome outside gear, including their winter boots. Specifically, I love these North Face Bridgeton boots because they’re waterproof and insulated. These features are essential to ensure your feet stay warm and dry while trucking through the snow. These are great for anywhere you need to go and you won’t feel the need to change shoes.

Another great option is the Ugg Hannen TL Leather boots. They’re a sharp looking boot that don’t actually look like clunky winter boots. True to Ugg’s products, these are wool lined with a waterproof leather to ensure your feet stay completely shielded. At the same time, they’re very lightweight and sleek – not giving you that bulky look that other boots do.

Shop more winter boots below to make winter a little bit more bearable:



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