Travel with Me | Dublin, Ireland

March 30, 2017

Travel with Me | Dublin, Ireland

Long time, no see everyone! If you did not see from my million Snapchats and Instagram posts, I was just in Europe for Spring Break this past week! I went with three of my girlfriends on a 10-day Europe trip to Dublin, London, and Paris. And yes it was incredible.

This was my first time to Europe, let alone my first time out of the country. And, I just got my passport only this year so you could imagine how excited I was for this!

The seven hour flight across the pond wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We were able to watch movies and have our own rows to ourselves because the plane was so empty. Before I knew it, we were landing in London for our layover. The excitement and admiration I had for the pure fact that I was actually standing in Europe was nothing I have ever felt before. Even though we had the layover first before going to Dublin, the anticipation was unreal!

As I mentioned, our first stop of the Euro adventure was Dublin, Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. (Top of the morning to ya!) We arrived in Dublin on that Thursday before, so we took this day to settle in and explore the city. We walked around downtown for most of the day, popping in and out of shops and restaurants. It was great just seeing everything and being among the locals; meeting so many new people as we went. Due to the jet lag, we got to bed early to be ready for the craziness of what St. Patrick’s Day would bring.

So, the festivities started off with the iconic St. Patrick’s Day parade. Everyone was dressed up in celebration of the holiday. Their hype and craze made the entire experience that much more thrilling. After the parade, we made our way to the different bars around O’Connell Street, hopping from pub to pub. In the first pub we went to, we instantly befriended so many people who were from all different countries. Within a matter of minutes we were socializing with a group of German guys. It was awesome how friendly and inviting everyone was!

The rest of the day consisted of more pub hopping, as expected. Along the way, we continued to meet so many more amazing people. Whether they were locals or travelers, like us, they were all just as happy to be celebrating the holiday with others. The spirit and cheer made the experience that much more enjoyable. Obviously, this is what St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was all about.

We made sure to go to one of the most popular places in Dublin: Temple Bar. When originally researching the top things to do in Ireland, every website mentioned Temple Bar. Temple Bar is a fun, cultured neighborhood that is most popular for their party scene and nightlife. Specifically, The Temple Bar is where it’s at, and for good reason. This was the top place I wanted to go.

The bar was huge and because it was St. Patrick’s Day, it was very packed. But, this made the experience at Temple Bar that much better. We had a great time dancing to local Irish music, drinking Irish beer, and meeting more amazing people. Moreover, through all the craziness we met two guys from Switzerland that were a blast to hang out with. From learning about their hometown and teaching them sign language, they added to the day’s adventures.

The party carried on throughout the night and no one was ending early. We were dancing in the streets with random people and singing out songs while trying to find the next pub to go to. The night finally ended how it should, with pizza and seeing the same group of German guys we met at the first pub we started pregaming at.

Our final day in Ireland began with touring the Guinness Storehouse. Lovely day for a Guiness, eh? I mean, when visiting Ireland, you have to drink at least one Guinness beer. The Guinness Brewery tour was a really fun way to get a taste of the country. The Storehouse had an entire area dedicated to enjoying the many flavors Guinness has to offer. We also went all the way up to Gravity Bar where we were able to get a beautiful view of the entire city.

After the tour, we explored more of downtown before it was time to go; visiting cute shops and markets. We even got Dublin’s traditional fish and chips at the famous Leo Burdock, where many celebrities have ventured to enjoy the same meal. I’m usually not a seafood person, but this was absolutely delicious! It was definitely a great way to end our time in Ireland.

Although we didn’t get to adventure the countryside at all, the buzz and energy of the heart of Dublin made us feel like we belonged with the Irish themselves. Overall, this St Patrick’s Day was definitely one to remember. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos I took from Dublin below!

Watch out for my next travel diaries of my time in London and Paris!

xx, Ashley

Travel with Me | Dublin, Ireland

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