Travel with Me | Gimmelwald, Switzerland

July 16, 2018

Travel with Me | Gimmelwald, Switzerland


Have you ever been somewhere where what you were seeing was too beautiful to grasp? Traveling to Europe for the first time last year defintely gave me that feeling, but no sight has impressed me more than seeing the Alps. Nothing has truly made me recognize how beautiful and astonishing this world is than seeing what I saw as I stood there, halfway up a mountain, peering the panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. As you can image, it was incredible.

Mel and I stayed in Gimmelwald, Switzerland which is located directly in the mountains above the valley of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. When I say directly in the mountains, I mean actually in the mountains – we could only reach our destination by cable car. Gimmelwald is a very small, quaint village between the villages of Stechlberg and Mürren. We stayed in the only hostel that is in Gimmelwald, the Mountain Hostel, and it was perfect for our stay. Our view from our hostel alone was unimaginable. Our bedroom window even faced the other side of the valley – getting to wake up to a glimpse of the picturesque view every morning.



This place is the most whimsical fairytale I’ve ever walked through. There were gorgeous flowers everywhere – peonies, poppies, lavender, bleeding hearts, the houses had irresistible character, and the villages were filled with an undeniable personality. Oh and the only thing you could hear for miles were the ring of cow bells wrapped around cows’ necks who were happily grazing all along the mountainside.

These photos were taken in Mürren when Mel and I were looking for a restaurant to eat dinner.



For dinner our first night, we definitely wanted to get some cheese fondue because, hello, what else do you get in Switzerland besides that and chocolate (which we did get, don’t you doubt me and my love for sweets). We ended up walking to Mürren to find a restaurant because in Gimmelwald, there is only one beer garden with limited food options – which was totally fine! Exploring Mürren was so fun because it was a bigger village compared to Gimmelwald with a different kind of feel and charm. The village was absolutely adorable and I felt like I was walking through a Disney movie.



We traveled every other day so the next day was already our last day in Switzerland. We saved the entire day to go hiking and explore wherever the trails took us. We woke up early and had breakfast right in our hostel. There was even a friendly black cat that strolled right in and greeted us only before he fell asleep in a box that was clearly meant for him.



There were multiple hikes to choose from but we decided to take the two hour route on the Northface Trail to hike up the Bryndii peak. We first walked up to Mürren where we got some picnic food for lunch and began on our venture. The view was incredible and the journey up was more magical than you could ever imagine.



To be honest, it’s hard to put into words how I felt seeing this view. I felt so many emotions and had so many thoughts running through my mind as I made the journey to reach this point. As I stood on this mountain, I had this epiphany where I finally not only realized but understood that the journey is always just as beautiful as the destination. And this realization, I pondered, has and will come in many different forms throughout my life through all of the challenges, heartache, disappointment, laughter, and accomplishments I will experience. This moment and place was very special to me and made me feel, literally, on top of the world. I wish everyone can have a moment like this in their lifetime – especially as a young adult.

On our way down the trail back to Gimmelwald, Mel and I made sure to stop at Sprutz where a waterfall was located. It was the perfect end to the hike.



As you can see from the photos above, for dinner we went to a different restaurant in Mürren but this time we found the most breathtaking spot. It was a hotel called Hotel Edelweiss that had an outdoor patio that rested right on the cliff, overlooking the mountains. Switzerland couldn’t have wished us a better farewell. It was really sad to leave this glorious place.

Switzerland and the Swiss Alps were so astonishing that it was hard to believe it was real. I understand that traveling to Europe can be expensive, but if you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommended you visit the Alps. It’s hard to believe that a place like this truly exists, but it does and I think everyone deserves to see it at least once in their lifetime. It’s too magnificent not to.

I’ve never before felt the way I did seeing a view this incredible. It truly changed me in a way I won’t be able to explain.

xx Ashley

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